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El Bosque Mexican Restaurant

12656 West Ave, Bldg 1
San Antonio, TX  78216
(210 494-2477

El Bosque sits in a little shopping area that doesn’t look like a shopping area.  It’s not a typical strip mall, but several building grouped together off West Ave.  It’s a standalone restaurant with a real old school Mexican restaurant feel, mainly because it’s been there forever, with lots of old pictures and a nice décor.

I arrived for lunch one day because someone had recommended the place.  I’m always looking for new spots to stuff my face, and given the cool ambiance of the place I was excited about trying their food.

My wait-person was a very nice person who took my drink order quickly and returned with it quickly.  I decided to try to the beef enchiladas.  This is a change for me because I’m pretty much a cheese person.  To me, it’s tough be beat a good ole cheese filled tortilla!  But, this time I opted for two beef enchiladas, beans, rice and a guacamole salad.

My food arrived in a reasonable amount of time and the presentation was nice, so everything was looking good so far.  I noticed something different about this place because the wait-person didn’t say “be careful, the plate is hot.”  If you’ve ever read my reviews you know that one of my biggest pet peeves is restaurants that serve lukewarm food on a blazing hot plate, like they expect the plate to prepare the meal for them.

I cautiously tested my food, and it was hot.  Not spicy hot, but COOKED hot!  This impressed me tremendously and I was starting to like this eatery a lot!

Unfortunately that’s as far as my kudos can go.  The chili on my enchiladas tasted like it came out of a pot that’s been on the stove all day long.  You know what I mean, it wasn’t fresh and has a slightly burned taste to it.  I was heartbroken because I had great expectations for this neat little joint.

The enchiladas didn’t have a lot of flavor.  They don’t seem to season their meat at all, and the taste was flat, and unfortunately so were the beans and rice.  Flat, drab, dull, unremarkable.

I can say that this restaurant looks like a great place to unwind after work for happy hour.  They have an extensive beer list and a large bar.  It’s got a nice atmosphere, but I’d try something other than enchiladas if you want to eat.

Overall, this place fell flat on its food. Great ambiance, but no taste.  There are way too many good Mexican restaurants in town to waste your time here.